Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lilith Fair 2010

Yesterday the Lilith Fair tour made it's stop in Toronto and as you can see from the sea of umbrella's, it was wet for most of the days events, but it was still a great time!!

My favorite part was of course the Court Yard Hounds - if you don't know who CYH are, they are Martie and Emily of the Dixie Chicks, they're doing their own thing as a side project, which is awesome, because the Dixie Chicks latest album was a little "pop-like" and I was kind of disappointed with it. I love their more old-style country and bluegrass pickin' sounds, and I think Court Yard Hounds are trying to bring it back! Martie & Emily are VERY talented musicians (fiddle & banjo for the most part) and I'm excited they are making music again.
The thing I love most about music festivals, is discovering new music, and Lilith did not disappoint. I discovered Lights. Great music and local too! Not normally my kind of music, but I really enjoyed Lights live, and she even did a small acoustic set. It was fab.
Anyway - unfortunately, I let my camera at home, and was only able to take a few bad shots with my phone, but I grabbed this shot from someone else so you could have a quick view.

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