Monday, March 23, 2009

Mondays suck Animals Don't!!

Happy Monday - with Monday comes fun animal post!

Today we're looking at Kodie. Kodie has a special place in my heart, we took a road trip together a few years back when his momma was living in Hoboken, New Jersey to re-unite the two. His momma, my friend Stephanie, was an intern at a hospital in New York City and couldn't bring him for the initial move, so another friend and I drove him out there a little while later. You couldn't have asked for a better road trip pal. He even charmed the border police. We attached all his little toys and treats to his halter like a little hobo, it was adorable. Kodie is now resting in peace, but we still love him and think of him often. He was a happy, fun dog and we miss him. Love you Kodie!

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