Monday, March 9, 2009

Mondays suck!

I have been a bad blogger, I had such a brutal week and weekend that I just didn't have time to post! my apologies!
So in honour of Mondays sucking, I am starting a "Mondays Suck, Animals Don't" feature! Every Monday I'll feature an adorable animal, you can submit your pictures to me, and I'll feature them.
I'll start with my dog Marty.

This was taken 2 years ago when I came home from work and found him in this condition. He had decided to get a snack from the garbage can and got his head stuck in the lid. I can't tell you how hard I was laughing. As you can see he was quite embarrassed....

So send me a picture or two of your favorite pet (or any animal really) and give me a little history on them and I'll feature on them on Monday's Suck, Animals Don't.
thankfully Monday is almost over :)


  1. I can't stop laughing. These photo's are great! I'm so submitting a good one of my kitties. Thanks for making my Monday suck a little less.

  2. aww! poor marty! But that is hilarious! He must have been so embarassed!!


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