Monday, April 6, 2009

Mondays Suck Animals Don't!

Today sucks even more then most Mondays, because just when I thought spring had finally arrived......I woke up to snow....and it's still snowing. I'm sick of it. It needs to go away!
So, let's look at a pair of cutie kitties today. They live in Toronto with my friend Melanie (who I met in jewellery class - yay for silversmithing!). Their names are Mosi (also known as Mo Mo & Mister Mo) and Kyle Bean - but he mostly goes by Beanie, which is a great nick name (that's what I call Marty usually). There is nothing better then animals showing their love for each other - and these guys are adorable at showing it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful babies with us Mel!


  1. I do have to say my kitties are supa adorable! And they both have awesome personalities to boot! Thanks Mel!

    p to the s - just have to brag that this pic was featured on ->

  2. These two are so adorable! I love it when kitties snuggle-I have 2 that like to--its so sweet. Really a cool blog feature!


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