Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sparkle & Shine

Right now I'm working on some more wedding jewellery for someone who really likes the sparkle! Her colours are blue and silver and she wanted the jewellery to really pop and she wanted it in silver. So, lucky for me, I happened to find the perfect beads. They look like mini disco balls and they're so shiny and sparkly! She's got 6 girls in her party (it's a big one) but they all have different dresses, three of the girls dresses have higher neck lines and necklaces wouldn't have looked right. So I've made 3 bracelets and 3 necklaces. Check them out, I plan on making one extra set to sell on my etsy site
The bracelet...

The necklace...

She's approved them and loves them, so I'm happy!
Also, let's all do a happy dance for short work weeks!


  1. Very pretty, I love the almost momo-chrome look... could be elegant and classy or fun and casual all at the same time!

  2. momo-chrome sounds more fun! lol!!


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