Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'ts April Fool's day...

...and I ain't jokin'! I'm fresh out of pranks....I did nothing fun to fool anyone today. Oh well - there's always next year right?
Well I thought I would take today to finally show you my finished jewellery from silversmith class. A while back I posted all about my adventures in silversmith, and some of the pieces I showed were only half done. Although they've been done for a while now, I completely forgot to show everyone. So here we go...
This is the finished bracelet from my lily pad set, I oxidized it (using the hard boiled egg process - yay for earth friendly - worked like a charm)

and here is the branch pendant, I oxidized it so that the cut out area was black and then I high polished it, I love it!

As an aside, for anyone who wants their pet or favorite animal featured on 'Mondays Suck Animals Don't' please make sure to send me your pics!
Otherwise, hope everyone remembered that today was April Fool's day and played a prank on someone!

1 comment:

  1. I played no pranks...sadly.Ah well.
    Just stopping by to say that your branch pendant is absolutely AMAZING! I love it:)


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